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HK Army

HK Army is the industry leader in high-quality paintball gear, accessories, and lifestyle apparel. Founded in 2007, HK Army has developed in to a globally recognized brand with distribution in over 60 countries worldwide.


Custom Team Apparel and Graphic Design...

Designer and Producers of the Murder Hornets' jerseys.

Action Town Park Paintball Field

Our home field near Mayflower, AR.  A great place to enjoy paintball, even if it's not with us.  Bachelor parties, birthday parties and team building experiences are perfect here!

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Last updated 13 December, 2022

We're very excited to start up our third year of Youth Paintball in Arkansas!  

Our focus in our third year will be bringing back our fun group events.  We invite you to join us at Action Town Park on Sunday, January 22nd at 1pm.  Bring your own gear or grab a rental package from   The good people at Action Town can get you everything you need to play.

Our first year was focused on four recreational group events and giving away over $5,000 worth of gear.  Our second year was focused on tournament paintball.  This year we feel like we have a great plan that gives opportunities for our serious players and our casual players.  We want to bring more family and parent involvement into our paintball weekends so we've restructured our days into the following format:

Arkansas Youth Paintball Club

1pm - 2pm:  Semi-auto, rental or equivalent marker settings - Casual AYP members and rec player basic lessons and drills on the hyperball field with coach Darran.  Stat tracking available upon request.  Family and friends are welcome.

2pm - 430pm (or you're out of paint): Semi-auto, rental or equivalent marker settings - Games across all available fields with different objectives and formats.  Family and friends are extremely welcome.

Hornets Tournament Paintball

12pm - 2pm:  NXL ramping and rules -  Focused dedicated practice for our serious tournament players on the Hornets team with Coach Andrew on the speedball field.  This is reserved for players with their own tournament gear and have active memberships with AYP.

Please let us know if you would like to attend.  AYP is a non-profit registered in Arkansas and is not the same as Action Town Park.  We will happily answer what questions we can but all field and rental gear specific questions should be directed towards


Darran McEuen

President, Arkansas Youth Paintball

Instagram: Arkansas_Youth_Paintball

YouTube: AR Youth Paintball

Facebook: search for Arkansas Youth Paintball

Interested but can't make the next event?  Email and ask to be added to our email list for a more personal interaction with AYP staff.

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Last updated December 13th, 2022

Our current schedule for 2023:

Jan 22 - 12pm - 2pm

Feb 19 - 12pm - 2pm

Bunkerfest Youth Division, Dallas, TX

  -March 26th

Scenario at Official Paintball; Forney, TX - March 19th

-Scenario at Avid Extreme Sports, Guthrie, OK around October

XTPL events: TBD

We'd like to thank our Major Supporters:


CMPT ( CMPT on Facebook )

Action Town Park (

If you think your child would enjoy a more focused and competitive style of paintball please contact us to learn more.  Your first practice will require you to purchase a rental package from Action Town Park and participate in our club drills before play.  If your child enjoys playing and would like to join the club it is $30 a year until they turn 17.

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A community of children and their parents committed to growing in confidence and self-esteem through paintball.

Educate children and parents on safe play.
Establish the knowledge to safely play anywhere and maintain equipment.
Develop players mentally, socially and physically to desired competition level.

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Email us to get on our list and stay up to date on all of our activities and any changes.  We hope to see you soon!

(501) 436-9630

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